Capturing the Excitement at Palo Alto Networks Corporate Event

Palo Alto Networks Corporate Event in Scottsdale

Scottsdale Event Photography had the pleasure of photographing an incredible corporate event hosted by Palo Alto Networks right here in Phoenix, AZ. This wasn’t just any event; it was a remarkable gathering filled with engaging moments, delectable food, and an impressive array of partners. Held at the prestigious Arizona Biltmore, the event concluded with a […]

Photographed the Excitement of Adidas March Madness Event in Downtown Phoenix

Keisei Tominaga at Adidas Event in Phoenix

We had the privilege of photographing a fantastic 2 day event for Adidas during March Madness right here in downtown Phoenix. This event was a blend of sports excitement, brand promotion, and unforgettable experiences. Held at the Sheraton Downtown during the day and Copper Blues Downtown one night, the event showcased Adidas’ innovative spirit and […]

H&M Re-Opening at Scottsdale Fashion Square Photography Journey

H&M Re-Opening at Scottsdale Fashion Square

The recent grand re-opening of H&M at Scottsdale Fashion Square was nothing short of a spectacle, transforming an ordinary shopping day into a festive celebration. As a photographer, I had the privilege to capture the essence of this event, from the serene early hours of the morning to the bustling shopping rush, against a backdrop […]

Behind the Lens at Diamondbacks Spring Training

Diamondbacks Spring Training Photography

A Day with the D-backs at Salt River Fields As the Arizona sun cast its warm glow over Salt River Fields, the anticipation and excitement you can feel it in the air. The Arizona Diamondbacks were in the midst of their spring training practice, gearing up for the upcoming season. As a photographer, I had […]

Capturing Jeff and Lexie’s Stunning Wrigley Mansion Wedding

Jeff and Lexie Wedding at Wrigley Mansion

A Sunset to Remember As the day progressed, we were graced with one of the most incredible sunsets, painting the sky in hues of pink, orange, and purple. This natural spectacle provided a dramatic and romantic setting for some of the day’s most memorable shots. Jeff and Lexie, with the vibrant sky behind them and […]

Quanta’s Employee Appreciation BBQ in Florence, AZ

Event Photography in Florence, AZ

Celebrating Commitment and Excellence Under the Arizona Sun In the desert landscape of Florence, AZ, Quanta showcased the heart of its corporate culture with an Employee Appreciation Day that went above and beyond the traditional corporate celebration. Marked by an atmosphere of gratitude and camaraderie, the event was not just a gathering but a lively […]

Will and Kate’s Enchanting Scottsdale Wedding: A Beautiful Day

Will and Kate Scottsdale Wedding

Celebrating Love in the Heart of the Desert In the picturesque setting of Scottsdale, Arizona, the wedding of Will and Kate unfolded as a testament to timeless love and elegance. Scottsdale Event Photography specializing in capturing the essence of such momentous occasions, was honored to document their special day, from the sacred vows exchanged in […]

Jamie and Lexie’s Aviation Adventure in Scottsdale

Jamie and Lexie at Scottsdale Airport

A Unique Photoshoot at the Scottsdale Airport In the vast expanse of the Scottsdale Airport, amidst the hum of engines and the vast blue skies, an extraordinary photoshoot unfolded. Jamie, with the excitement of a new plane purchase, and Lexie, ever supportive, chose this unique setting to capture a milestone in their lives. As their […]

Scottsdale Event Photography Does the Phoenix Open

Michael Phelps Phoenix Open

Celebrity Shots and Spirited Celebrations on a Wet Wednesday The Waste Management Phoenix Open, renowned as much for its golf as for its lively atmosphere, offered a unique tableau this Wednesday—gray skies, relentless rain, and undampened spirits. As a photographer specializing in capturing the essence of events across Scottsdale and Phoenix, I found myself amidst […]

Barrett-Jackson Car Show in Scottsdale: Photography Paradise

Barrett Jackson Scottsdale

Immersing in the World of Exquisite Automobiles and Timeless Classics The Barrett-Jackson car show unfolds as a spectacle of engineering marvels and automotive beauty. Scottsdale Event Photography had the privilege of capturing the essence of this prestigious event, if only for a day. The Barrett-Jackson is not just a car auction; it’s a celebration of […]