Scottsdale Event Photography Does the Phoenix Open

Celebrity Shots and Spirited Celebrations on a Wet Wednesday

The Waste Management Phoenix Open, renowned as much for its golf as for its lively atmosphere, offered a unique tableau this Wednesday—gray skies, relentless rain, and undampened spirits. As a photographer specializing in capturing the essence of events across Scottsdale and Phoenix, I found myself amidst a spectacle where sport, celebrity, and celebration intertwined under the unusual backdrop of rain.

A Gathering of Stars in the Drizzle

The day promised more than just a golf tournament; it was a convergence of talents from various spheres. Amidst the lush greens of the Phoenix course, figures like Michael Phelps, the Olympian whose achievements need no introduction, and Glen Powell, whose charisma has graced both screen and stage, stood ready to tee off. The presence of such celebrities added a layer of excitement, drawing eyes not just to the swings and putts but to the personalities behind them.

Photographing these moments presented a delightful challenge. Capturing the concentration on Phelps’ face, the casual grace of Powell, and the interactions among the celebrities and athletes against the backdrop of a rain-soaked course required a keen eye for timing and composition. Each frame sought to tell a story beyond the golf—a narrative of camaraderie, resilience, and the sheer joy of the game, regardless of weather.

The Party Continues, Rain or Shine

The Phoenix Open is famed for its 16th hole, but the entire course on this day became a testament to the event’s reputation as “The Greatest Show on Grass.” Even as the rain persisted, so did the party. The vibrant umbrellas, raincoats in every hue, and the laughter that echoed around the course painted a scene of unfazed celebration. The weather, rather than dampening spirits, seemed to add to the event’s charm, with attendees embracing the rain as part of the day’s adventure.

Photographing the festivities, I was drawn to the smiles, the cheers with raised glasses, and the sheer determination to enjoy the day to the fullest. Amidst the natural and spontaneous moments of joy were the shared experiences of spectators—huddled together under cover or braving the rain for a closer view of their favorite celebrities and golfers.

Capturing the Heart of the Event

As an event photographer, the Phoenix Open offered a wealth of moments ripe for capturing: the graceful arc of a golf swing under rain-laden skies, the wide smiles of celebrities taking a moment from their usual settings to enjoy the camaraderie of the game, and the endless enthusiasm of fans who refused to let the weather dictate their enjoyment.

This day at the Open was a reminder of the power of sports and entertainment to bring people together, creating a shared narrative of joy and resilience. It was about capturing the spirit of an event that, even under the unusual circumstances of a rainy day, remained a vibrant celebration of golf, community, and the simple pleasure of a day spent in good company.


The Phoenix Open, with its unique blend of professional sportsmanship, celebrity participation, and an undeniably spirited atmosphere, stands out as a highlight in the calendar for fans and photographers alike. This Wednesday’s rain-soaked round was a testament to the event’s enduring appeal—a day where the game was played not just on the greens but in the hearts of everyone who came to watch, celebrate, and be part of the unparalleled experience.


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